This time is it ‘Happy Holi’?

Most of us will optimistically admit this, every year the month of the March is realized by the advent of two paramount events, one being an uneasy situation while the other being a joyous occasion. Yes, you guessed it right! The Board Exams and our Happy Holi times are those. “Of course respectively!” This gala is often accompanied by the Cricket World Cup as the current year witnesses.

Being a first-year student, I can honestly tell that the experiences of those tough school times during the days of Holi are still fresh for me. The school life includes the Class 10 board exam, followed by the Class 12th board exam and theIIT-JEEtwice, including a failure! Talking about all that together would not be relevant because the thing that prompted me to take the pain of ‘touch-typing’ with an injured right thumb was perhaps the antipathy of being compelled to cancel a confirmed train ticket to the home on the eve of this Happy Holi time. But the more lucid reason was an excuse to find a substance for my next blog. Honestly! Because adjourning the plan to go home should not be that sort of disparity. It’s Okay! I need to rejoice, keeping in mind the grand package IIT is offering. More than 2 and half months of Summer Happy Holi-day ( I mean Holidays! ).

I remember the occasion of ‘Happy Holi 2015.’ All I could do is to call Mummy and Papa and say ‘Happy Holi.’ I could not even smell the taste of yummy ‘Holi dishes’ including themasaledar dahi-badathat I have admired the most. Our ‘mess at Kota’ had already announced a complete-day-off pasting a greeting of ‘Happy Holi’ on the entrance with special ‘WordArt effects in the traditional Microsoft Word.‘ “Holi ke din kaise khayenge” was the concern among our friends. Thanks to a ‘sweet and snacks center‘ that offered us a few samosas and sweets providing us an insufficient compensation both in terms of ‘taste and quantity.’ All else I could do was to try some more problems on Mechanics and check the Syllabus of JEE MAINS to count the pace of my study plan and to see if some important topic was yet to be explored. Behind all those boring episodes of my life, there was something that was driving me. Motivation! The sub-conscious mind was fed by the imagination of having this last Happy Holi! Happy bole to Boring! I told myself, I will find time out of the college schedule, howsoever busy it would be, for the Happy Holi occasions. I tried to fulfill that wish. I logged into IRCTC as early as I could to make sure I get a confirm ticket because anticipating a waiting ticket getting confirmed may result in the suffering in a 12-14 hrs journey. Anyways, I had that confirm ticket until the previous week but seeing no scope to stay at home for more than 2 days I had to log into the IRCTC again, this time to cancel the ticket. I did not even care to print the cancel receipt and see the notification more precisely that when the train fare excluding the penalty would be refunded. That was a bitter moment. It was only later that I received a text on my phone informing me that I was not going home and the amount was refunded. But out of these events, there are intense experiences that should be bagged with both hands- “life is never too tough to postpone the enjoyment and at the same time it should not be perceived that life is going to be so easy after crossing a particular milestone such as the notion injected into the young minds that getting into IIT is all you need to end the problems in your life. Life may be tough and easy, both at different times.”

 In the end, thanks to my friends of section-7 for coming up with the idea of amass bunk‘ and that too in PDS Lab Class which I ‘more than hate’ so that I could find some time to write this blog doing which I ‘more than love.

      Happy Holi to all my friends and relatives. Wishing you all a colorful and safe Holand lots of prosperities in your life.



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